Method: Game Informer Sep 2010 Issue No. 209, Sharpie Permanent Markers

Duration: 2 hrs ish

This even baffled me b/c this simple doodle posed no intentions of being something somewhat crazy. Boredom overcame my hand & w/ a little Inspiration ended up being a drawing for Halloween. Funny/Interesting how things just turn out that way. Hehe.

Why in a magazine, you ask? I had a really bad habit of drawing on anything & EVERYTHING when I was a kid, even on school assignments/papers. I would have gotten in trouble one time—back in the day during a science class in elementary school—if I hadn’t drawn that jet on a class assignment. Instead of being scolded by the teacher, she complimented my little doodle. Lol. But, I just like to draw on random crap. Call it an artistic way of causing destruction among things already meant for another purpose.

This whole drawing-on-magazine pages thing is something ongoing, though, it seems.


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