Yesterday my boyfriend and I went downtown for Equilibrium USG‘s upcoming commercial for their new marketing campaign. I wanted to help create something big and thought it would be cool. :3 Despite being behind schedule, we were on time for some delicious tacos and Big Red horchata prior to the first setup. And I have to state that it was probably the first real times where I’ve felt the raw urban lifestyle of Chicago, even though I’ve went downtown numerous times. On top of that, the shooting took place mid-day where the sun exposed some delicious street art that eyes would not directly spot in the dark. The weather was gorgeous.

I had fun, especially since it had been awhile since we’ve had the chance to see our friends Kuya Mo & Phalkun. The featured cuisine of the day was authentic Mexican from Big Star around the corner of RGB Lounge and café beverages from The Wormhole. The bitter midwest winter cold was a plenty, but we had Jim Bean. *yuck*

Anyway, Phalkun, Elisha, and I talked about this artest who seems to include boobies in his work often. That’s COOL b/c I enjoy drawing women. After arriving back at home, I had inspiration hit me and so I captured it before it escaped. I will let you react to it first before I explain…

…you’re probably wondering about the “PUSSY” reference in “pink bubble letters” (Louis C.K., 2011). If you’re not aware he is a comedian, and a hilarious one. He makes a joke about how today’s male looks at women as simply “pussy” versus back in the early 1900’s when they went through first base, then second, and yada yada yada. I tried to find a clip of the joke, but you’ll have to look for it yourself. Womp womp. 😦


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